Our Training.

The Mohawk Valley RFD is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community. To accomplish this, our training division set a high standard of training. All members attend an initial 120 of training during a Firefighter 1 academy.

During this academy members are educated in the class room and hands on training on the department two acer training ground, Hand on includes car extrication, ladders, hose deployment, fire streams, forcible entry, firefighter mayday, search and rescue, salvage and over haul, water supply, and live fire training. At the end firefighters also attend Hazardous Materials operation training.

Once the academy is complete the department trains all members to an Oregon Emergency Medical Responder level.  This provides all members with entry level EMS training that they can use to provide emergency medical care to patients.  Every other year the department also provides EMT class in house in partnership With NCTI of Oregon.

The department training grounds includes forcible entry, ventilation, car fire, and hazmat props. In addition the ground is complete with a single story ladder tower, a 960 square foot search and rescue building, and a live fire training container. 

The search and rescue Building has doors, windows and movable walls to change the layout within the building between training sessions. The building is also equipped with an industrial smoke machine that allows instructors to smoke out the building and simulate realistic search environments for the students.


The live fire container is made up of a 40 foot cargo container that has the capabilities of having walls installed. In addition the is a window for emergency exit, and hydraulic ventilation as well as a vertical ventilation opening that is controlled from the outside to show the changes in fire behavior when these tactics are implemented.

Finally the training grounds has a 10,000 gallon rail tank car that is used for hazmat training and provides the training grounds with a water source during training exercises.

After members finish their initial training they are required to attend weekly training that last 2 to 3 hours a week. During these drills, members train on all different aspects of firefighting and rescue. In addition all EMS trained personal attend monthly EMS Drill to help provide the highest level of EMS care possible to the public we serve.