Mohawk Valley Fire Steven Wallace - Fire Chief

EMT Intermediate / Rope & Water Ops
  Radio Call Number: 1400
Start Date: 2000-11-19
Chief Wallace has been in the fire service since November of 2000. He spent 5 years as a volunteer with the Mohawk Valley RFD before moving to Lincoln city to take a job at Pacific west ambulance. During his time in Lincoln City he worked full time for the ambulance and volunteered for North Lincoln Fire and Rescue. Steven acted as a district Duty Officer, and assistant to the training division chief. While there he became the lead instructor for the districts recruit academies and instructed vehicle extrication classes. Chief Wallace served as an acting company Officer, and a member of the water, and rope rescue teams. In 2009 he moved back to Marcola and began to volunteer with the Mohawk Valley RFD and worked as Training Officer / EMS Supervisor for Med-Trans Ambulance, and Handi Cabs . Chief Wallace was hired as the training / EMS officer for the Mohawk Valley RFD in 2012 where he served under Chief Dennis Shew untill 2017. In April of 2017 Steven was named Fire Chief replacing Cheif Shew who had retired.